Data Recovery

There is absolutely nothing worse than losing data on a computer.  And nothing more nerve-wracking than getting data recovery service. You just never know if it is going to be recoverable or not. We honestly don’t either until we can actually take a look at your hard drive through specialized software.

Hard Drive Data Recovery for Business and Home

Lost data is not fun - Hard Drive Raleigh Data Recovery

Lost data is not fun – Hard Drive Raleigh Data Recovery

In the business world, this could be all your financial records, your customer contacts, employee information, phone numbers and more. We have seen companies close due to major data loss. Just think if you had no idea what kind of invoices you had out there for your company – and no way to get that information.

On home computers, people do store their financial information, contacts and phone numbers – a lot of the same things that people do on their business computers. But even more important these days are all those family pictures.  It used to be the family photo album was the prized possession. Now that pictures are in SO many cases all digital, the family computer holds all those memories. We have literally seen parents crying in our office when they realize that they had a hard drive crash and have lost all their pictures.   There are some VERY easy – and inexpensive – ways to protect against that happening to you. PLEASE talk to us about helping you create a backup plan if you don’t already have one.

Raleigh Data Recovery

There are a few data recovery procedures that we can handle for your lost files. Sometimes, these files are accessible in the “Recycle Bin” if you are lucky. Sometimes we can recover them from temp files.  If not, then in many cases,  we can use special software to help us locate the “deleted” files on your hard drive.  Usually files are not really deleted. The operating system will just mark the area where the “deleted” file is located as available for use. Provided your computer has not written to that specific hard drive area, we can recover the image, document, or other file.

If, however, you spent a lot of time arranging your picture files and folders in an afternoon – and THEN realize that you deleted something, you may be in trouble. When you start moving a lot of files around or installing software or updating, those “empty” spaces get overwritten and the data will NOT be recoverable. We do provide this service on an hourly basis and will be glad to do all we can to recover your data, but in some cases, recovery truly is NOT possible.  These are both relatively inexpensive procedures though they can take a lot of time.

Critical Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery

If we cannot locate the data using any of these methods as in the case of a hard drive failure, the next data recovery level is to provide Critical Hard Drive Data Recovery. This service is NOT cheap. This method must be used in case of a hard drive failure or other major hard drive problem. This process is performed in a “clean room” and involves actually removing the hard drive platters from your disk and putting them onto another exact match hard drive chassis and attempting recovery that way. This is NOT something you can “try at home”. The tolerance on hard drives is so tight than even a speck of dust can permanently damage the read/write heads on a hard drive.

This procedure is NOT foolproof but usually will result in data recovery. Often the data itself is not lost, it’s just a matter of the hard drive mechanism having failed. By putting those disks on another spindle, it allows the disks to be spun up and read properly. This process will run a minimum of $500 and is frequently over $1000.

Please talk to us about backup solutions to provide some very inexpensive insurance against having to go this route.