Tablet PC Repair

Samsung Tablet PC repair - The Samsung Galaxy tablet

Samsung Tablet PC repair – The Samsung Galaxy tablet

After the release of the iPad, the computer world has been taken by storm by a surge of Tablet PCs.  And it’s no wonder.  Tablet PCs are smaller to carry than the laptop that many people lug around. It’s lighter. Easy to use. After tablet style computers broke out a few years ago to mixed results, the world was really waiting for the right form factor to make them popular. And they’ve got it right this time.

Of course, that means with all this carrying around of tablet computers, we  see a bunch of tablet computers coming through the door with cracked screens, cracked cases, buttons that have been knocked and damaged and more.  If you’ve got a tablet PC that has had some unfortunate encounter – give Raleigh Geeks the call. Let us show you how we can get your tablet back like it was the day you pulled it out the first time!

HTC Tablet Repair

We repair HTC tablet PCs from the originals on to the current models (as of this writing). The current models include the HTC Jetstream, HTC EVO View 4G, HTC Flyer. We fix all HTC tablet pc types and models – call us for the best prices!

HTC Tablet Repair - Flyer

HTC Tablet Repair – Flyer

Samsung Tablet Repair

We handle any Samsung Tablet PC  repair that you can throw at us!  Figuratively, not literally.  The Galaxy is the current model of choice for Samsung tablets, but as it changes, you better believe Raleigh Geeks will changing with it. We stay on top of the new models as they come out.

Other Tablet PC Repairs

There are new tablet PCs coming out on a weekly or even daily basis with the rush to the new tablet computer form factor. They are the rage. We keep up with all these different models and different manufacturers. Even though we only listed a couple different manufacturers here, if you’ve got a tablet PC with any type of issue, you owe it to yourself (and your wallet) to give Raleigh Geeks a call. We’ll give you the best pricing and fastest service that you’ll get anywhere!