Laptop Replacements / Upgrades

Laptop Replacement Parts

Laptop Replacement Parts

Your laptop PC is your world away from the office. Your laptop PC can go to the coffee shop, to the beach, on a weekend trip and more. Anyplace you can go, it can usually go with you. And let’s face it, your laptop is probably going to take some strains that your desktop PC doesn’t. Because your laptop IS a mobile platform, it has a different set of needs and requirements. Raleigh Geeks offers many laptop part replacements and upgrades to make your mobile computer experience as convenient as possible!

Keyboard Replacements

We get a number of laptops in that have keys missing or just flat worn out. While it’s usually possible to get by in a pinch with missing keys, it sure is inconvenient. While we may be able to pop a single key on for you pretty quick, if it gets to be more than that, we usually recommend a laptop keyboard replacement. Replacing a laptop keyboard is pretty quick. We will order the replacement keyboard for you, let you know when it’s in (usually the next day), and can pop it in while you wait!

Touchpad Replacements

Sometimes after a lot of use, your laptop touchpad will get fidgety or stop working altogether. Sometimes it can be a loose cable, but many times, they do just wear out. Like the keyboard replacement, a touchpad replacement can be arranged ahead of time and usually popped in while you wait.

RAM Memory Upgrades

Raleigh Add more memory to computer

Raleigh Add more memory to computer

If your laptop is more than a few years old, it may be underpowered as far as memory is concerned. Just a few years ago, memory prices were fairly high relatively speaking and many manufacturers were less than generous with the RAM memory that was put in laptops. Currently memory prices have come down nicely and it’s fairly inexpensive to upgrade your laptop memory. Bring your laptop by one of our convenient locations and we should be able to provide you a quick upgrade ane improve your performance!

Battery Replacements

A lot of people think that the battery that came with your laptop should last as long as you have your laptop. It doesn’t. It will last from a year to maybe three max. We count on getting good performance from a battery for just over a year honestly. Battery performance can be improved by NOT leaving it plugged in. You should be plugging your laptop in only when it is nearly discharged and then unplugging it when it is charged. If your laptop supports it, and you use your laptop more as a desktop than a laptop, you can remove the battery and put it aside. Leaving it out of the computer means that it will not get worn down by continuous charging/discharging cycles.

When your battery has finally gotten to the point where the useful battery life is just not cutting it for you, contact us and we can get a new battery for it. In some cases, we can also replace it with a high performance battery to give you extra battery life. This can be handy in many circumstances! Ask if we can find one for your laptop model!