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You WILL need an LCD screen replacement here...

You WILL need an LCD screen replacement here…

Your smartphone – even more than your laptop computer – is truly your lifeline to the world.  Be it an iPhone, a Droid or some other smartphone, people carry their cell phones everywhere. Many cell phone users have even taken that step of getting rid of their home phone lines and exclusively use their cell phone for everything. And when IT breaks? It’s not a good thing.

Raleigh Geeks Repair Phones

We have experience with most manufacturer smartphones including iPhones by Apple and Android phones (Droids) by a number of various manufacturers. As well, carriers each usually have a slight variation on the cellphones that they cell. Carriers like AT&T and Verizon will frequently offer the same model, but with a slight twist to work better on their particular cell network. We work with them all!

Replace phone screen in Raleigh

Smartphone Droid Repair Raleigh

Smartphone Droid Repair Raleigh

By far, the biggest thing that we see is a cellphone cracked screen coming through the door. We always recommend that customers put some sort of protective case on their cellphone to help prevent small drops from cracking LCD screens, but sometimes it just happens. Many times, the smartphone will still work, but just looks bad and is hard to read. The good news is that we have replaced hundreds of screens – and we’ve probably already replaced one like the one in your hand before! This becomes very important as there are so many models out there and so many little differences between them when it comes to doing a cell phone screen replacement.

Sometimes, only the glass needs to be replaced and we have a large stock of parts already – and likely have the one that your phone repair will need. In other cases, the repair needs to be more extensive. Some smartphones have the digitizer and glass bonded with the backend circuitry – and to replace the screen, you have to replace everything. Cell phone repair prices obviously vary a bit depending on your phone. Call Raleigh Geeks to get a current quote or drop by one of our convenient locations with your damaged phone to find out more!

Samsung Galaxy S3 Glass Repair in raleigh – $120
Samsung Galaxy S4 Glass Repair in raleigh – $150
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Glass Repair in raleigh – $150