Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad

Want more out of your iPad or iPhone?

Jailbreak iPhone in Raleigh

Jailbreak iPhone in Raleigh

This is not suggested for everyone.The iPad and the iOS has some absolutely great features and applications already built in. For most people, the stock applications that shipped with your Raleigh iPad are going to be all you ever want or need. And then there are some OTHER folks out there that want to run apps that aren’t available for their Raleigh iPad or iPhone.

Jailbreak your Raleigh iPhone or iPad!

Getting access to add these alternative programs is enabled through a process called “jailbreaking” your device. On Droids, it’s normally called “rooting” your device. NOTE: Jailbreaking your iPad or iPhone WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY. A lot of people will think about jailbreaking their iPhone or iPad nearer the end of the warranty. Not quite so much to lose if it goes south. Of course, when you have your jailbreaking done by a professional, we make sure that it works properly.

What are the benefits of jailbreaking?

Raleigh iPad 3

Raleigh iPad 3 – We can jailbreak your iPad and can help you take it to the next level!

Apple is pretty tight on the applications that it allows to be added to the App Store. You may want an application to do this or that and Apple does not have one or is not approving it. Odds are good though if you have a need, someone else has probably had that need before too – and there’s probably already an app available out there for it. Now you just need to find it.

Apps available through the Cydia app repository on a jailbroken iOS device fill a LOT of needs for many people. There are interface mods – like putting 5 icons on the bottom of your iPhone screen instead of the normal 4, games, entertainment apps, different fonts – just so much available. You can take your iPhone or iPad from mild to wild in a short amount of time. Call Raleigh Geeks about jailbreaking iPads or iPhones today!