Repair Blackberry Smartphone

Repair Blackberry Smartphone RaleighWe handle all types of Blackberry repairs in the Raleigh area! Just like all the other smartphones that we repair in the Raleigh area, we can handle Blackberry repairs with no sweat! Blackberry (by RIM) has actually been around the longest of the smartphones. Granted they have fallen down in sales, but they’re still out there.

There are still a bunch of Blackberry smartphones out there from the heyday of the “Crackberry” craze and RIM continues to release new models. The Blackberry 10 will be rolling out soon and we expect there will be some general excitement around that. The Blackberry smartphone has been around for over 10 years in various forms. The good news is that we fix all versions of the Blackberry smartphone in the Raleigh area. If you have a local business that depends on the Blackberry smartphone and have a number of them, contact us about contract maintenance or ongoing support for your Blackberry phones!


Repair Blackberry Smartphones

We repair all Blackberry models including the Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Curve, Blackberry Pearl, Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Torch and will continue to support upcoming Blackberry models! We can repair keypads, roller balls, other body buttons as well as LCD screen replacement for all Blackberry models.